Project 1/1 2006

Rooftop Garden

Location:1020 Vienna (AUT)
Scope:landscape design
Team:Iris Hercher, Leo Levine-Mohringer
Cooperation:Studio Prix
Architecture:Gregor Holzinger
Initiated by:Peter Sellars / New Crowned Hope Festival
Client:House of Integration Vienna

The impressive panorama view from the roof of the House of Integration in Vienna becomes a metaphor for new perspectives. In a rooftop garden various niches and a library create spaces of peace and relaxation amongst a floating landscape of baulks and climbing plants. Whilst a small kitchen garden enables residents to cultivate their native plants and herbs below, a stage and tribune space high above the scenery creates an advanced platform for the house to engage with the city on a social and cultural level.

  • panorama | photo © Iris Hercher
     panorama | photo © Iris Hercher
  • concept sketch
     concept sketch
  • shakkei garden principles
     shakkei garden principles
  • concept sketch
     concept sketch
  • 3D model screenshot © Gregor Holzinger
     3D model screenshot © Gregor Holzinger
  • rendering © Gregor Holzinger
     rendering © Gregor Holzinger
  • rendering © Gregor Holzinger
     rendering © Gregor Holzinger
  • green deck | plan and collages
     green deck | plan and collages
  • plants | mixed media drawings and plant details
     plants | mixed media drawings and plant details
  • physical model | photos © Reiner Zettl
     physical model | photos © Reiner Zettl
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