Project 1/2 2014

Villa Enzersdorf

Type:private garden
Location:Gross-Enzersdorf (AUT)
Area:500 m²
Scope:landscape design

The private garden is located 18 km north-easterly of the city of Vienna and comprises 500 m2. The house with 3 apartments and a large community space will be home to a large family of 3-4 generations. The garden has 2 main zones: the front yard in the north and the main garden area in the south. The front yard, presenting an elegant view of the house, offers space for comfortable parking (partly covered) and diverse activities (table tennis etc.). The main garden with its central pool is designed as extension of the private interior. Walled troughs filled with grasses and shrubs continue and transform the interior order of spaces to the outside. Three decks on three levels structure and connect the different areas of the garden, creating varied spaces in terms of usage and amenity value. An alterning (from closed to open) fence and a freestanding wall screen and stage the surrounding.

  • site | maps and aerial photo
     site | maps and aerial photo
  • building site | photo
     building site | photo
  • illustrative site plan
     illustrative site plan
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