Project 4/6 2015


Type:competition entry
Location:Linz (AUT)
Scope:landscape design
Cooperation:Treusch Architecture ZT GmbH
Initiated by:GWG Stadt Linz GmbH

The design of the new residential district is based on an urban attitude that unites urban and exterior qualities. The buildings designed by Treusch Architecture ZT GmbH form an open structure, providing conditions for a versatile life in the new district. The landscape design creates a network of spatial relationships to the surrounding, while also offering residents a calmed and protected inside area. Buildings and open spaces together form zones of different spatial qualities, which then again create new zones by their superposition. The interlocking of these zones along the access ways creates a harmonious structure of public, semi-public and private spaces. Short and high grasses, shrubs and groups of trees (in northern green belt) define and shape the area according to different user groups. While more noise-intensive activities are organized in the northern green belt, the central space provides a pleasant and decelerated recreation area for all inhabitants of the district.

  • site | maps and aerial photo
     site | maps and aerial photo
  • conceptual diagrams
     conceptual diagrams
  • site plan
     site plan
  • ground plans and sections
     ground plans and sections
  • plan details
     plan details
  • visualizations
  • rendering © zoom vp
     rendering © zoom vp
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