Project 2/12 COMPLETED

Park in Pradl

Award:1st prize in competition
Location:6020 Innsbruck (AUT)
Area:8475 m²
Scope (ÖGLA):phase 2-7
Client:Landeshauptstadt Innsbruck

The Park in Pradl will be a central component of the city‘s future green corridor „Grünzug Egerdach“. On the one side the park is accessed through the Egerdachstraße, which is planned to be the „backbone“ of the green corridor and a well-connected cycling and running route. On the other side the park interlinks with the outdoor facilities of the neighbouring residential development „Wohnen am Park“ (also planned by Kieran Fraser Landscape Design). The park offers a wide range of different spaces and activities for residents and all citizens of the city of Innsbruck. The park consists of two fundamentally different areas that ultimately create a balanced atmosphere between joyful excitement and tranquil relaxation.

  • site | maps and aerial photo
     site | maps and aerial photo
  • playground overview | photo © Christian Flatscher
     playground overview | photo © Christian Flatscher
  • preliminary design sketch
     preliminary design sketch
  • site plan
     site plan

Green area

The largely flat and spacious green area includes a senior-friendly rest and relaxation area surrounded by shrubs and perennials, a spacious lawn with a toboggan hill, a climbing sculpture and a tiny hut village below existing trees. Rows of trees and solitary plantings are essential to the parks design and will also play an important part in the future development of the green corridor. Existing trees were preserved wherever possible and now significantly add to the park’s quality.

  • design diagrams
     design diagrams
  • photo © Christian Flatscher
     photo © Christian Flatscher
  • preliminary design sketches
     preliminary design sketches
  • site plan with heights
     site plan with heights

Sports and play area

The sports and play area includes a well-equipped fitness parkour and a playfully modelled hilly landscape with loosely scattered play equipment. A topographically integrated watercourse makes its way through the gently curved hills before flowing into extensive sand pits. Another highlight of the park is the children‘s track that connects all areas of the playground. The park also has a good number of meeting points - generously furnished corresponding to the respective user groups.

  • path between green area and playground | photo
     path between green area and playground | photo
  • watercourse | 3D modell screenshots
     watercourse | 3D modell screenshots
  • watercourse in winter (water dispenser deactivated) | photo
     watercourse in winter (water dispenser deactivated) | photo
  • sections
  • watercourse | photos © Christian Flatscher
     watercourse | photos © Christian Flatscher
  • fitness parkour | photos © Christian Flatscher
     fitness parkour | photos © Christian Flatscher
  • sections
  • play features | photos © Christian Flatscher
     play features | photos © Christian Flatscher
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